Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Dad lesson: learning to handle a knife

I’ve written before about how my dad always seems to know how to do things – from using a level, to how to clean the eavestrough. I got another reminder (and I suppose,… Continue reading

Forget what you thought you knew

In an earlier post, I claimed that making the bed was one of the things I am expert at. After Day 1 of staging our condo, I’ve had to re-assess that assertion. My… Continue reading

Dirt you didn’t know you had

On Wednesday, my wife and I had the good fortune of buying a house we’ll be proud to call our own in a couple of months. Our real estate agents even handed us… Continue reading

Afternoon tie challenge

As I documented in my last post, it is a point of embarrassment that it can take me a while to successfully tie a tie. And even then, I often think I’ve done… Continue reading

Tie fail

Over the summer, in addition to my own wedding, I had a couple of others to attend. That meant trying (and failing) to tie a windsor knot, something that I have never mastered.… Continue reading

Baking for the in-laws

When you’re trying to impress your wife, then sometimes you have to impress your wife’s mother too. My mother-in-law got wind that I occasionally bake – my specialties (or just the only things I’ve attempted)… Continue reading

Taking stock

Guys, if you’re thinking about embarking upon a quest to continuously impress your wife, keep this in mind – the first time you do something, it’s impressive. After that, it’s expected. Not fair,… Continue reading

Why I’m trying to impress my wife

Alright guys, raise your hand if you’ve got a sneaking suspicion (or just know for a fact) that your wife can do just about everything better than you. It might be more than… Continue reading

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