Why I’m trying to impress my wife

Alright guys, raise your hand if you’ve got a sneaking suspicion (or just know for a fact) that your wife can do just about everything better than you.

It might be more than a gut feeling. And for me, that’s worth celebrating.

photoI consider myself a lucky guy. This summer I got married to a woman who is not only beautiful and smart, but also our primary breadwinner and director of household strategy. She also wields a hammer with more confidence than me. Frankly, I’m just happy to be on her team.

But having an all-star wife, I feel a certain pressure to raise my own game. Not that I think I’m useless, but I definitely wish I knew how to do more DIY things. Things I thought I would have mastered by now.

Growing up, my dad seemed to know how to do everything, from hanging a picture, to fixing a leaky pipe to cleaning the eavestrough, to fixing the car. These are skills that just seemed to come natural. Perhaps I thought that one day I’d reach an age where I’d suddenly just know how to do those things too. But today I’m 31, and due to a number of factors (living in apartments and condos chief among them) I have still never been called on to do any of those things. But the writing is on the wall. We’re looking for a house and soon, I’m sure, my wife will look to me to do some new things. So consider this blog a pre-emptive strike, as I set out to learn some new things and perfect a few that I already know.

It’s called Trying to Impress my Wife but I suppose it could be called Trying to impress myself. The things I’ll try and learn, are things I feel I should know about, and what better time to learn about it than now, when I have a built-in cheering section.

I’m inviting all men to join the #tryingtoimpressmywife club. Feel free to post in the comment section below how you try to impress your wife.