Taking stock

Guys, if you’re thinking about embarking upon a quest to continuously impress your wife, keep this in mind – the first time you do something, it’s impressive. After that, it’s expected. Not fair, right? But are you impressed every time your wife does something for you? So why should guys need a pat on the back?

That said, I’ve been making a list of household-related activities I’m really good at or do regularly and the list of things I want to get better at. I’ll plan to revisit this list to see how I’ve been doing.

Things I’m expert at:

  • Cooking a stir fry.
  • Making chicken parmesan
  • Washing dishes (ie. loading the dishwasher) when I don’t cook.
  • Unloading said dishes
  • Making grilled cheese
  • Baking chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake and Nanaimo bars.
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Taking out the trash
  • making the bed

Things I’d like to improve at/learn how to do:

  • Making birthday cake
  • Making a perfect steak
  • Opening a bottle of wine
  • Replacing a light ballast
  • Fixing a car tire
  • Building Ikea furniture
  • Tying a perfect tie knot
  • Using a level
  • Generally doing things a little slower and a little better, like hanging my shirts up straight.