Tie fail


Over the summer, in addition to my own wedding, I had a couple of others to attend. That meant trying (and failing) to tie a windsor knot, something that I have never mastered.

It’s a point of shame in my life, but I have my excuses:

When I was young, my dad would tie my ties for me and I found it simpler to just leave the knot in for the next time I needed it.

Now that I’m older, tie-wearing occasions are infrequent, so the opportunities to practice just aren’t there.

These excuses don’t do much good when you’re running late for a wedding and have to ask your wife if she can help you, as happened to me in August.

Since then, I’ve been meaning to actually master the art of tying a tie. And starting now, I’ll be practicing more regularly.

So I’ve started at the natural place, YouTube. I’ve watched my fair share of guys how-to-tie-a-tie videos and find Charles Brunold of Louis Purple to be the easiest to understand. I tend to mess up around the 1 minute mark but I have had the odd success with his video, which I’ll include here.

Here’s the video should you have your own issues.

Check back to see how my attempt goes.