Afternoon tie challenge

As I documented in my last post, it is a point of embarrassment that it can take me a while to successfully tie a tie. And even then, I often think I’ve done only an adequate job. Determined to never have to ask anyone for help with this simple task again, I decided to practice on Monday afternoon with no pressure and no functions to attend.

I referred to the how-to video from Charles Brunold of Louis Purple  and got to work. I surprised myself by nailing the knot on my first try, but I had the tie was much too short. I wasn’t satisfied with my knot for the second and third attempts but by then I wasn’t referring to the video anymore at least. By the fourth I think I got it and my wife gave her nod of approval. You can follow my progress below.

How long does it take you to tie a tie and do you have any helpful tips? Leave a comment below.