Dirt you didn’t know you had

On Wednesday, my wife and I had the good fortune of buying a house we’ll be proud to call our own in a couple of months. Our real estate agents even handed us a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

But we’ll be saving that champagne for another day. Because now we have to sell my wife’s condo ASAP before the fall market goes cold on us.

So rather than dreaming about how we’ll furnish our new place, we spent most of the weekend cleaning and packing and wondering why we all (buyers/sellers/agents) can’t just agree not to bother with this staging process. Everyone knows it’s not practical to live and keep your home in pristine condition, so why do we have to pretend?

I have to acknowledge my wife lead this charge but I was down in the trenches with her, cleaning corners of the bathroom I had never laid eyes on, vacuuming dirt behind the TV stand I had long forgotten about and lugging boxes from our condo to our storage locker (and that of a friend in our building).

Aside from learning that staging a condo is a real pain, I have three other takeaways from the experience if you’re trying to stay on your wife’s good side through the process.

  • Try to keep laughing – it’s a tiring, painful experience, so doing what you can to keep your wife and yourself smiling, goes some way toward making it bearable.
  • Match her work rate – unless you’re an experienced mover, you probably won’t know the most efficient way to get things done. So, just keep moving and finding things to do.
  • Admire your handiwork. Because you’ll never see a place look this clean again.