Dad lesson: learning to handle a knife

I’ve written before about how my dad always seems to know how to do things – from using a level, to how to clean the eavestrough.

I got another reminder (and I suppose, a lesson of sorts) this weekend, when around 150 family and friends gathered to celebrate my grandmother’s 100th birthday.

We were working together, setting up audio (ie. a karaoke machine) for the evening’s dinner reception. This meant setting up speakers, plugging in the karaoke machine and testing the microphones for audio feedback.

Then we had to tape the electric cords to the wall. I was in charge of cutting the electrical tape with a Swiss Army Knife, but got off to a shaky start, trying to swing at it from the front, rather than stabbing at it from the back and slicing it open.

“Hey, like this” dad said. And I didn’t make that mistake again. I think I might be calling him a lot for advice for repairs on our new house.