A glimpse into the future?

It was moving day this past week at my workplace, as some of us swapped desks and others had their partition panels removed to create a more open office environment.

For me, this was a more daunting task than meeting an article deadline – figuring out how to best pack the contents from my very messy desk into two boxes. Call it pre-tramautic stress, but I started worrying this was a sign of things to come as my wife and I pack up our lives in boxes. As my wife lovingly says to me when she sees me packing our dishwasher, “You must not have been very good at Tetris.”

Thankfully, while I was terribly inefficient, two boxes proved more than adequate for my desk’s contents.

As I was finishing up, a female co-worker walked by and said “after you’re done that maybe you can show my [fiancee] how it’s done.”

“Sure, uh no problem” I muttered and gave a nervous laugh. Well at least I’m not the only guy who sucks at this.