TTIMW: The good, bad and ugly

It’s been a little while since I’ve written about it, but yup, I’m still Trying To Impress My Wife.

So to recap:

  • I’m Trying To Impress My Wife, whether she wants me to or not
  • I’m learning to fix things around the house on the fly
  • Sometimes I get the job done with minimal fuss
  • Sometimes water leaks everywhere (see here and a future post) and voices get a little strained

My wife and I have settled into to our home and identified the many, many things we’d like to renovate (seriously, it’s a long list), but for the most part we’ve been doing maintenance.

She did manage to repaint a room, with almost no help from me (so unless she starts a blog, you may not hear much more about it). Meanwhile, I wrestled with three projects. One resulted in something quite beautiful, another will do for now and the last, well, it got ugly before it got better.

Today we start with The Good.

The Good

gateWhen we first moved in, I noticed the gate to the backyard was coming loose from the post. I screwed the nails back in but that didn’t work for very long, so it became one more thing I planned to fix “in the summer.” That project got bumped up suddenly on Canada Day when a friend trying to come into my backyard pushed when he should have pulled. Well, normally he should have pulled, except the gate wasn’t installed right to begin with. Luckily for me, this friend also lives nearby, is fairly handy and has possession of a circular saw.

Initially I thought I’d just install a pre-fab gate, but our opening was too narrow. By this time my wife had decided she wanted an ornament in the middle of her gate, so I had to raise my game a little.

A trip to Home Depot landed me all the supplies. I’m happy to share how we did this another time, but would direct you to this post from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer, who I found through some online searching. Using her work for inspiration and guidance and with even more guidance from my friend, who is handier than me, this project was done in a few hours. We made the ornament square-shaped when my wife might have preferred a diamond, but she proclaimed “I’m proud of you two” when we hung it. It took me an hour more to install the handle.

And in return for my friend’s help, I helped him finish putting up his fence and everyone’s fence projects were done for the summer.

Check back soon for The Bad and The Ugly of my summer projects. And if you’ve got a good, bad or ugly story to share about DIY projects or impressing your significant other, feel free to use the comments.