TTIMW: The good, bad and ugly (pt. 2)

So far I’ve shared one summer project I did that turned out pretty well and earned some praise from my wife. Today, I’m covering The Bad but passable.

porchdoorThe Bad

I inherited a backyard deck that is higher than the entrance to my house. Right? I wish I knew…

One of the fun things we got to do (fun because someone else did the work) is replace the front door as well as the sliding patio door, but for the installers to install the rear door I had to remove the deck boards.

I attempted this with a pry bar but it was difficult to get leverage, so I resorted to using a reciprocating saw – I’d purchased on a whim the week before – to make it easier to yank the boards up. Once the door was installed, I used that same saw to make some (nearly) straight cuts to boards loaned by a friend and drilled them in place, breaking only one drill bit in the process.  As for the gap between boards and door, I’ve placed other boards in there and am watching closely for signs that animals are moving in under it.

Check back soon for The Ugly of my summer projects. And if you’ve got a good, bad or ugly DIY story to share, or want to share how you’re working to impress your significant other or how your significant other tries to impress you, feel free to comment below.