Alright guys, raise your hand if you’ve got a sneaking suspicion (or just know for a fact) that your wife can do just about everything better than you.

It might be more than a gut feeling. And for me, that’s worth celebrating.

I consider myself a lucky guy. In the summer of 2014 I got married to a woman who is not only beautiful and smart, but also our primary breadwinner and Director of Household Strategy. She also wields a hammer with more confidence than me. Frankly, I’m just happy to be on her team.

But having an all-star wife, I feel a certain pressure to raise my own game. It’s not that I think I’m useless, but I definitely wish I knew how to do more DIY things. Things that, in my youth, I imagined I would have mastered by now.

This blog is called Trying to Impress my Wife, but I suppose it could be called Trying to impress myself. The things I’ll try and learn are things I feel I should know about, and what better time to learn about it than now, when I have a built-in cheering section.

I’m inviting all men to join the #tryingtoimpressmywife club. Feel free to post in the comments how you try to impress your wife.

IMG_1223 (1)Who am I? Matthew Chung, a communications professional living, with my wife, in Toronto’s East end.

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