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The #RenoRookie

Details on which Toronto newspaper I’m writing a column for.

TTIMW: The good, bad and ugly (pt. 3)

So far I’ve shared two summer projects, one good and one pretty bad. Today, I’m covering The Ugly. The Ugly “I told you it was getting bad, but you didn’t listen to me.” When you hear… Continue reading

TTIMW: The good, bad and ugly (pt. 2)

So far I’ve shared one summer project I did that turned out pretty well and earned some praise from my wife. Today, I’m covering The Bad but passable. The Bad I inherited a backyard… Continue reading

TTIMW: The good, bad and ugly

It’s been a little while since I’ve written about it, but yup, I’m still Trying To Impress My Wife. So to recap: I’m Trying To Impress My Wife, whether she wants me to or… Continue reading

Taking the plunge

I’ve had my fair share of (small) victories and (major) defeats around our new house (more on that in another post), and I’m learning – and re-learning and re-learning – that I need… Continue reading

I’m no mechanic

When I met my wife, I had a car of my own – a Hyundai Elantra. I was good about taking it in for its regular maintenance, putting on my all-season and winter… Continue reading

Patching a hole

With our move in date to a new place set, I am both looking forward to having a bit more space and not-so-much looking forward to having that new space to clean, not to… Continue reading

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